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Pool Security and Equipment

For owners or future owners of a pool, the law requires you to secure access to your pool for children under 5 years.

The law of 3 January 2003 relating to the safety of swimming pools and the decree of 31 December 2003, require in France and the French overseas departments and territories,  that all below ground or semi-below ground outdoor swimming pools be equipped with a safety device following certain standardised safety norms(alarm, barrier, shelter or cover).

Since May 1, 2006, all pools are subject to this requirement.


Automatic pool cover

Submerged shutter with engine in dry box and mains supply. Particularly suitable for very large pools.,

IMM’Box is the answer to all those who wish to fully enjoy their pool while preserving the aesthetics of their relaxation area.

Engine housed in a dry box outside the basin and in the extension of the pool axis.

Complies with French Norms NF P90-308 . Abriblue has installed
more than 30,000  to date.

Discreet and aesthetic, it is unobtrusive under its covering.

Protection against corrosion
Special high-tech materials offering total resistance to corrosion.

Non-Corrosion  Warranty
15-year anti-corrosion warranty (See conditions with your our sales consultant.)

One turn of a key and in 3 minutes, the cover is rolled up or unrolled. The end positions are set and managed with just one gest.

Special large pools
An Imm’Box can cover a pool of up to 10 x 25 m (beyond that, ask us).

Less evaporation.  Better heating for a longer use of the pool at a lower cost. The water is kept clean.

It is able to give information about its status to water treatment devices for auto-regulation.

No stress
Closed/forgotten: once unwrapped, security is assured. No need for your further surveillance.


The summer cover

Increase the bathing season, save water and cleaning products.

During the day, the sun increases the temperature of the water.

Whilst covering the pool (smooth side towards the sky) after swimming, the bubble cover maintains the degrees acquired during the day avoiding evaporation (and cooling).

The color blue/black enhances the opacity of the cover thus limiting photosynthesis. The color blue/silver improves the warming of the water during the day.

The bubble cover also protects the pond from getting dirty and reduces the use of treatment products.


The immersion alarm

It complies with the new standard NF P 90-307-1: 2009 which was published in April 2009. You can download its certificate of conformity.

It alerts you in the event someone falls in the pool while avoiding annoying tripping due to other factors (weather conditions and equipment in service).

Easy to install and use.
It does not require any electrical connection or special adjustment.

It fits perfectly into the environment of your pool.

It complies with the NF P 90-307-1: 2009 standard (verified by the National Testing Laboratory) and is manufactured in France in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

Great quality for the price.
It is offered at a decidedly attractive price that allows it to meet the expectations of the most number of people…

… to keep your pool the best place for your children to swim.


EASY Bar Safety Cover: “pool safety cover to prevent pool access for children under 5”.

• Safety is ensured only if the bar safety cover is anchored to a concrete slab dosed at 350 kg / m3, at least 10 cm thick. This safety cover also protects your pond against pollution in summer and winter.

• Our product is usable all the year, whatever the climatic conditions, and it benefits from a guarantee of 3 years. Due to its design and composition, the Bar Safety Cover is a product that combines security and ease of use.

• Tarpaulin type safety cover with a weight of 1.2 kg per m2.

• Characteristics of the fabric: polyester coated with PVC weighing 550 gr / m2, breaking strength in CH 2500 N / TR 2200 to 2500 N / 5 cm, our fabrics are treated anti-UV, anti-UV crypto, salt spray and chlorine.

• Anodized aluminium bars span the width resting at their end on the curbs stones and secured by a clip.

• Tension and locking by ratchets and polyester straps. Winding is carried out by means of a crank or the removable ROLLTROT motor, the unwinding by polyester return strap.

• This product complies with NF P 90-308.

• All season product. To ensure safety (water lift), it is imperative to maintain the water level throughout the year. The level must not fall below 15 cm with respect to the upper part of the copings.