Adding a natural feel to your pool

Whilst the swimming pool itself is the most important part of any project, increasingly pool owners are seeing the benefits of creating a natural look and feel.

Incorporating natural elements such as plants, rocks, and water features enables the creation of a pool area which can be distinctively yours and unique. The use of vegetation, trees and other natural features helps to add a relaxing feel, ensuring that the pool is an area of calm, peace and tranquillity.

  1. Adding landscaping to your pool

Trees and other large plants are ideal as they provide shape, interest and shade – shelter which is particularly useful on a hot summer’s day. Greenery is similarly great for the environment, too.

As well as planting trees and shrubs in landscaped areas around the pool, why not add pots and containers to give additional colour?

  1. Natural stone – a perfect accompaniment

If you are looking for a material which is stylish and will naturally complement your pool, then natural stone is the ideal choice especially for pool coping.

Travertine tiles are perfect. They are porous which means they are an excellent non-slip material, durable and heat resistant, staying cooler in hot temperatures.

Use stone in other areas of your pool to develop a specific style and appearance, whether it is rocks, for a surround or other garden elements.

  1. Fun features for your pool

Let your imagination go! Waterfalls and water slides are popular with children – and adults! The noise from a waterfall is soothing, providing vitality to your pool.

Another example could be a fountain, a raised descent or floating step stones in the pool.

If you wish to discuss ideas for your pool project, please get in touch.

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