Pool and spas: a perfect combination

Pools are great places to exercise, to keep cool and to play pool games.

Spas offer something completely different. They provide warmth and relaxation, allowing us to lean back and enjoy a soothing soak.

So why not go one step further – and have the best of both – a pool and spa combined?

What is a pool spa combo?

A pool spa combo is when a swimming pool and spa are integrated together in some way.

There are various options to do this.

Firstly, a spa could be located within a pool to form part of its overall shape.

Alternatively, a spa can be constructed immediately adjacent to your pool. Unlike the integrated option, the spa and pool appear as separate facilities.

A third choice is to have a pool with a raised edge-overflow spa. The spa walls are placed lower than the water level. This means that the water overflows over the entire boundary of the spa and into the pool.

A further design is to install a pool with what is termed a ‘spill over’ spa. Used for pools with an attached raised spa, the top of the spa wall are constructed at a lesser level through which water from the spa streams into the pool.

Finally, if you prefer to have clearly defined and separate spaces for your spa and pool, a detached spa is best. Then you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity which defines a typical spa experience – or revel in a more energetic splash in the pool!

Whether you are looking to construct a pool, a spa or both; Quercy Bleu can help. Please get in touch and we will be pleased to discuss your project.

Quercy Bleu is the only number you will need for a successful swimming pool project or the installation of your hot tub/tennis court, renovation of old pools, masonry work and restoration of old buildings … We will deal with everything… project management, construction and more.  Quercy Bleu is also a general building company.

Our address is Rue de Paret Neuve 82150 Roquecor. Call 05 63 95 22 21. E-mail: quercy.bleu@wanadoo.fr. or visit our website: www.quercy-bleu.com

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