Advantage Quercy! Enjoy tennis on a stylish new court

 There is nothing to beat a great game of tennis.

It is the ultimate workout and great cardio exercise, enabling you to build up muscle tone and keep fit.

Tennis is fun too. Unlike some other solo sports like running, you can compete one-to-one or maybe enjoy a game or two of doubles.

Artificial surfaces to play tennis are best, because they are extremely durable and resistant to wear.

Furthermore, did you know that artificial surfaces are better for your health? That is due to the fact they offer better shock absorption guaranteeing minimal impact on the joints, with fewer slips due to wet grass.

Why not also think about adding a swimming pool alongside your tennis court?

You could enjoy a set with family or friends and then have a relaxing dip in the pool to soothe those aching muscles… and then have a drink by the poolside. It is the ideal combination!

Other things to think about include courtside lighting and landscaping, helping to create the perfect environment for your leisure time.


We can help you to find best solution adapted to your needs, including assessing the location and soil of your tennis court. We are specialists in pools too, so whether you want a new tennis court, pool or both, we have it covered – including renovating existing courts.

Quercy Bleu is the only number you will need for a successful swimming pool project or the installation of your hot tub/tennis court, renovation of old pools, masonry work and restoration of old buildings … We will deal with everything… project management, construction and more.  Quercy Bleu is also a general building company.

Our address is Rue de Paret Neuve 82150 Roquecor. Call 05 63 95 22 21. E-mail: or visit our website:

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