Great ideas for choosing the best pool shape for your garden

Swimming pools come in all different shapes and sizes, which makes it all the more fun to decide what form suits your garden best.

Oval shaped pools, circular, rectangular, free form, geometric, kidney shaped…there is so much variety to choose from. A design for a plus-shaped floating swimming pool for the public has even been approved in the United States recently.  

What are the things you need to consider when deciding on the shape for your pool?

  1. Location. Think carefully about the location of your pool, the size of the area available and the planned activities. Is it a pool you will use for fun, to relax with family…or keep fit?
  2. Features. Do you plan to include water features, e.g. a waterfall – or rock formations? This can affect the style and the shape of the pool you choose.
  3. Decking and surrounds. Don’t skimp on this – your pool deserves quality decking for safety and aesthetic reasons. The type you select is a consideration too in terms of the shape of the pool area.

Budget is obviously a factor as well.

Different shaped pools have various advantages.

A rectangular pool is ideal for those wanting to swim the lengths – and as quickly as possible.

Kidney shaped pools on the other hand have a more relaxed feel, and are popular for those planning to install a waterfall.

Free form pools are popular because they are easy to customise, with plenty of curves. So if you are looking to demonstrate your creativity, this could be the best choice!

L-shaped pools, Roman or Classic pools, Grecian pools… the options are many!

If you would like to have a chat to discuss your preferred choice, please get in touch.

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