Solar showers: the energy efficient way to keep you and your pool clean

Pool side showers are important for keeping us clean and healthy, before and after we go for a dip in the pool.

However, most showers use a fair amount of electricity and water, which costs you money.

Solar showers are therefore a good solution: showers heated by solar energy, work pretty well like you would expect a normal shower to. The crucial difference is that the water is heated by the power of the sun and not electricity from your local grid.

The design of a solar shower is simple. The shower unit has a water collector which heats the water using the sun’s rays. You can enjoy a hot shower all day long as the water is regularly heated and kept hot.

Of course, there are different makes and models available in a range of colours, with mixer taps to adjust the temperature, adjustable shower heads and tanks of various sizes.
Enjoying your pool outside of the summer months is a pleasure for some. But take note – in colder months, the temperature of the water may not reach a comfortable level, so only use the shower if there is a continuous stream of hot water.

Whatever design you choose, a solar shower is a great addition to any poolside. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss solar showers, pools or accessories further.

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