Brighten up your pool with energy efficient LED lighting

Pool lighting has many benefits. Lights can help to set the mood, creating a nice ambience for family and friends to enjoy. Lighting is safer as well when used to illuminate the pool surrounds and inside the swimming pool itself.

LED lighting is the perfect choice for brightening your pool as they are durable, cost effective, smart and energy efficient. For example, did you know that LED lighting:-

  • Lasts on average 60,000 hours before needing replacing; up to 100,000 hours maximum
  • Is available in different colours and can be adjusted to various levels of brightness and animation speeds
  • Uses low amounts of energy; has zero UV emissions and is generally recyclable
  • Is stylish, compact and smart
  • Is designed to illuminate lighting at different angles and positions
  • Can be installed underwater and is waterproof!
  • It is easy to install.

LED lighting systems work well with the latest technologies and are easy to control using a smartphone and Bluetooth application. Therefore, wherever you are you can manage the lighting for your pool ensuring that it is safe, bright and creates a lovely feel and atmosphere.

If you wish to find out more about pool LED lighting systems and more – please get in touch.

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