How to create the perfect pool

Deciding upon the best location and the layout of your swimming pool are key things to consider when planning your installation.

Even a relatively small garden is generally large enough to accommodate a pool, however, it is important to think about:-

  • Types of pool: in-ground, infinity, natural? Although above ground pools are cheaper to install they are less aesthetically pleasing and do not add value to your home
  • Size: a personal choice determined by the size of your garden and how a pool fits within the overall layout
  • Shape: oval, rectangular, free form… the sky’s the limit
  • Landscaping & design: think about the mix of plants and grasses; installing pergolas, umbrellas or structures providing shade as well as lighting etc.

The precise location to construct your pool is crucial too.

Do you want to relax in the pool in the early evening as the sun starts to set? Alternatively, you may have a special place in the garden that is the perfect position for a pool. Privacy issues are similarly important.

Unfortunately, tax is a consideration too! Because a pool adds value to your property and is a permanent structure, it is subject to tax. The calculation of the tax is proportional to its surface on the ground (pool + terrace + technical area, e.g. pump and heating controls). Please contact us to discuss further.

A pool in your garden promises hours of enjoyment for you, your family and friends. It is one of the best investments that you will ever make.

Quercy Bleu is the only number you will need for a successful swimming pool project or the installation of your hot tub/tennis court, renovation of old pools, masonry work and restoration of old buildings … We will deal with everything… project management, construction and more.  Quercy Bleu is also a general building company.

Our address is Paret Neuve 82150 Roquecor. Call 05 63 95 22 21. E-mail: or visit our website:

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