Create the pool of your dreams with natural stone

Natural stone is the perfect material for swimming pools and their surrounding areas.

We love working with stone. What’s more, with our special stone carving machine and specialist team of three fulltime stonemasons we can design bespoke stone pool solutions.

Natural stone has many benefits.

  1. Stone is more waterproof than brick and other materials – and with the proper use of sealants is 100% watertight.
  2. Stone is strong and sturdy: ideal for surrounding surfaces and provides a safe means of diving into the water. Stone is incredibly long lasting and will last for many years.
  3. Stone is heat resistant and copes with the colder weather. As we experience hotter summers – and possibly colder and frosty winters too – stone is a material that can handle extremes of temperature.
  4. Stone is environmentally friendly. It is a natural product and does not require the use of chemicals to keep it clean and in good condition.
  5. Stone is beautiful! A stone pool surround looks magnificent…

However, stone can be used other purposes too and not just decking, coping and edging. Ideas for landscaping around the pool include stone pergolas, pillars, a retaining wall, border or even ornaments.

Whatever you need, we can create bespoke stone items that you will love.

We are proud of the skill, expertise and artistry that goes into the creation of all our stone projects; please contact us to discuss your ideas and we will be pleased to help.

Quercy Bleu is the only number you will need for a successful swimming pool project or the installation of your hot tub/tennis court, renovation of old pools, masonry work and restoration of old buildings … We will deal with everything… project management, construction and more.  Quercy Bleu is also a general building company.

Our address is Paret Neuve 82150 Roquecor. Call 05 63 95 22 21. E-mail: or visit our website:

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