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If you are already dreaming of lazy days by the pool after winter, now is the right time to carry out a few simple checks. Opening up a swimming pool correctly is crucial for swimmers and your pool alike – and by maintaining it properly, it will save you time and money.

Here are five tips to get your pool ready for the summer sunshine:-

  1. Check out your sand filter. We recommend cleaning these thoroughly when the pool is closed for the winter; however if this is still outstanding you can do it now. Sand filters will help to keep the pool fresh and clean as well as minimising algae growth.
  2. Test the water. Swimming pools require a careful balance of chemicals to function correctly – and safely. Before you start using the pool, get a professional to examine the mineral content of the water, the pH and the chlorine levels as well as the alkalinity.
  3. Make sure that there are no leaks. Pools will need water added to bring them up to the appropriate level, but check that there are no leaks as this will cause further problems if left unresolved. Specialised electronic leak detection devices are available to identify the potential cause.
  4. Tidy up around the pool surrounds. Ensure that there are no signs of winter damage or other debris, trip hazards etc.
  5. Clean any debris inside the pool such as leaves. Even with a pool cover, it is possible that some things will be in the pool so use a leaf net or other implements to remove them. Do a final check to make certain that the pool is pristine.

If you need to carry out renovations to your pool, or would like to discuss further a new pool project, please get in touch.

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