Thinking about installing a new pool? Things you need to consider

Swimming pools have many benefits. They provide a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, they are a good way of keeping fit – and are extremely sociable for parties and family fun.

If you are thinking about installing a new swimming pool or replacing an existing one – such as an above-ground pool – there are several things to consider.

1. Do I need planning permission? Smaller pools less than 100m² need a déclaration préalable de travaux (building notice), however larger pools greater than 100m² will require a permis de construire or building permit. Quercy Bleu can help you with obtaining all of the necessary paperwork.

2. Safety is crucial. French law requires that any in-ground outdoor pools should have certain safety features, such as security barriers, pool alarms, pool covers or a pool shelter. Failure to comply could mean you receive a severe penalty of 45,000€ and more importantly, it could compromise the safety of children and adults using the pool.

3. Choose your location carefully. It is probably obvious to say that an area, which enjoys plenty of sunshine, is best! However, there are other things to factor in, for example is there room for a terrace area and how will water and electricity be supplied to the pool.

4. What is your budget? Pools will need regular maintenance and updating from time-to-time to ensure they are clean and healthy. If you have a holiday home or a gite, you may find it easier to use a pool contractor to look after it to remove the additional stress or worry.

These are only a few ideas – if you would like to discuss with us the installation of a new pool or pool replacement, please get in touch. We shall be pleased to help.

Quercy Bleu is the only number you will need for a successful swimming pool project or the installation of your hot tub/tennis court, renovation of old pools, masonry work and restoration of old buildings … We will deal with everything… project management, construction and more. Quercy Bleu is also a general building company.

Our address is Pared Nerve 82150 Roquecor. Call 05 63 95 22 21. E-mail: or visit our website:
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