Closing your pool for the Winter

closing pool for winter

The wintering of a swimming pool needs careful planning and should be started well before the arrival of the first cold snap,. All the steps are essential: checklist …

For a complete closure, first and foremost one must decide when bathing is over! All, of course, depends on the weather conditions of autumn, usually rather mild in our latitudes with the ever popular “Indian summer”. Moreover, specialists advise against closing your pool if the temperature of the water is not lower than 13 ° C.

The preparation for the cold season can be made between the last dives, with the purchase of the necessary products, the revision of the state of the cover and the programming of the different phases of the operation … Taking care to continue filtering the water.

Treating the water

Before closing the pool for winter, it is important that the water doesn’t become a refuge for algae, insects and bacteria of all kinds. The professionals on this point are unanimous: it is necessary to treat the water (the level of which has been lowered beforehand) in two stages, in weekly intervals, first with chlorine then with an anti-algae treatment.

Properly stored, the winter cover can then be put in place to protect the pool.

Drain the filter

If the pool itself must partly “stay in water”, this is not the case of the various technical equipment. The entire hydraulic system must be drained (and even vented) to ensure future sealing of the pipes. Pump, filter, heater and various components must be dry, such as skimmers, nozzles,etc

Knowing that all the ancillary material such as pool robots, ladders, toys, etc. must be subjected to similar care, the job requires time and organization. The first time (or every year if you choose, it is also better to carry out the wintering with a professional).

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